Let’s Talk Turkey…Er…Money


The Lowdown – “One Price” Designers
You’ve seen them – design companies advertising “Complete 5-page site for only $399!” (or something similar) have determined what they want to sell you, but they haven’t figured out what you actually need. It’s one thing to buy a pair of socks off the shelf, it’s quite another to buy a canned website. With a medium that offers so much flexibility, why would you settle for a designer that doesn’t?

The High End – High Prices, That Is
Most designers are on the opposite end of the spectrum. A simple website might be $2000 – and it goes up from there. To be fair, some of these shops are excellent. Then again, some of them don’t produce work any better than the “one price” guys. The only constant is money – yours, being spent in large amounts.

The Web Walrus Difference
We believe there’s a better way. We specialize in small to mid-sized businesses that are looking to establish an online presence quickly and affordably. A Web Walrus site will be custom-designed to meet your unique needs. You’ll get personal service, top-notch advice, and high-quality work – always at a reasonable price.

Fair Prices, High Quality
Most clients want to know how much their project will cost, and it’s a fair question. While I obviously can’t quote an exact price without determining your needs, I can give you some numbers. I design very few sites that go over $1000, and I’ve done simple sites for as low as $200. The average is somewhere between those two, and that’s where the free consultation comes in.

When Even “Affordable” Isn’t Affordable
Some businesses need a website, but don’t have the cash to outlay up front. I understand – I’m in business too! Bottom line, I want to find a way to make good web design services affordable for you. If you have any questions or concerns about payment, please ask! I can accept credit cards, set up installment agreements, and split up payments various ways to make them more convenient for your business.