Personal Service Makes The Difference

One of the biggest things lacking in modern business is service – before and after the sale. Before the sale, you get the sales pitch from a salesman. Once you buy he disappears, passing you off on the tech support people. Then you call tech support with a simple issue, and they run you through half an hour of automated¬†troubleshooting while they decide whether to take your call. Ultimately, there’s nobody that’s really responsible for making sure you’re satisfied. Any wonder why you aren’t?

When You Call Web Walrus
When you call me, you won’t get bounced over to a call center in the third world. I won’t put you on hold for half an hour, only to have somebody who speaks broken English hang up on you by mistake. I won’t waste your time with a bunch of automated systems that try (and usually fail) to route your call properly.

Real People, What A Concept!
When you call, either I can answer the phone or I can’t. If I can, I pick up the phone and address your issue promptly. If not, you’ll be able to leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. When you do speak to me, by the way, that means you’ll be speaking with an Internet professional with 15+ years of real-world experience in both design and hosting. I like doing business this way, and I’m confident you’ll like it too.