It All Starts With Content

Most people aren’t writers. The funny thing is, most web designers aren’t writers either – they’re graphic designers. This means when it comes to creating compelling copy for your site, many firms fall flat.

I specialize in developing the content for your website.

There’s a simple four-step procedure for getting you great content for your site:

  1. Collect existing materials - Do you have a business card, one or more fliers or brochures, or a yellow pages ad? These all provide a great starting point. You might be surprised how much of your content you already have.
  2. Determine Needs - We’ll go over your materials, look at the goals of your site, and determine what additional information we need.
  3. Create A Plan - We’ll describe the needs to you, and form a plan for assembling the information. If there’s anything we need you to provide (catalogs from vendors, price lists, etc.), we’ll note that as well.
  4. Implement The Plan - We’ll write (or re-write) text content, take photographs for you if need be, and help you assemble any audiovisual materials that might be necessary.

Creative Content Creation

What sorts of content do we develop? Glad you asked!

  • Terrific Text - I excel at written communication, and can write that sales spiel that will get your words noticed.
  • Great Graphics - We’ll find the perfect images for your site from our library of stock art, or travel to your business and take whatever digital photographs are necessary. Resizing, cropping, retouching, we’ll handle all the details to make sure your graphics are truly great.
  • Masterful Multimedia - For everything from script writing to multimedia production, we can produce web-ready audio and video that will give your products pizazz. Whether you’ve already got footage or are starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered.

The Bottom Line

If you’re worried about your content, give us a call – we’ll put our skills to work to make your site’s content shine.